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I am a Calgary based photographer specializing in family portraits. I am Irish and have been living in Canada for almost 10 years. I worked for many years in the childcare industry, which is probably why I find it easy to photograph kids and babies!I credit my Grandmother Bridget for my artistic side, my Dad for my business sense, my Son for teaching me the meaning of true love and my Mom for keeping me sane and always encouraging me to follow my dreams.Photographers generally have a long list of reasons why they do what they do. My reason? I love photographs. I love the emotions they evoke and the stories they tell. Who hasn't looked back at old photos and laughed, cried or cringed! We live in a world where, through the magic of the internet, we can share pictures showing each others lives and experiences. A lot of photographers think that photographs are lost now, with them mostly ending up in a computer forgotten somewhere. This is somewhat true, but it also enables us to be closer in our experiences. My family in Ireland get to see my son and daughter grow and share in our special moments because of my photographs and because of the internet and digital era. There is still nothing like going through a big album of old photos though; which I try to do everytime I go home to Ireland. I have fond memories of spending hours in my Grandparent's attic as a child, going through boxes of old photographs and literally getting lost in time looking at the images of my Mom and her siblings as hippy teenagers! I still remember the smell of those old photographs and how magical that attic was to me as a child. One of my favourite things to do now is look at old photographs and try to display those images in interesting and unique ways so they will not be forgotten.

Times are changing, that doesnt mean those who love photographs will forget them or the moments they capture. It is my job to make sure you never forget those photographs or those moments that mean so much to us. I hope you will consider me to be the one to capture those moments for you.



Eimear O Neill

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