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How do I book a portrait session?


Contact me via email, website contact form or phone to book your session. The session fee is required to book your session. I will email you an invoice and then ask that you email money transfer the fee to my email address.

 What’s included in my session fee?


All sessions include up to two hours of shooting , an email or phone consultation and a private online Gallery of 15-20 images


How many pictures will I receive from the session? How long will it take to get them back?


You will, on average, get between 15 and 20 edited pictures from your session in your gallery approximately 3-4 weeks after the shoot. The number of pictures varies depending on the location and outfit changes.

 What about making prints?


​If you purchase  the high-res files, you also receive print rights with your pictures. This lets you make as many prints as you want!


Between 32 and 35 weeks. You'll look pregnant - very! - but hopefully won't be too uncomfortable. If it's twins or you're expecting to not make it full-term, adjust accordingly.



During the first week if possible! Babies quickly lose that telltale newborn look and the ability to sleep through anything, including posing and being moved around. We'll take lots of breaks (not counted against your two hours) as needed for feeding and diaper changes. And don't worry - all babies pee or poop during the session at least once, usually (of course) during the naked baby pictures. I haven't had one where it hasn't happened! Newborn shoots are done at my home studio and include a variety of cute props and backdrops. If Mom and baby are unable to travel to my studio for medical reasons or you prefer a more natural shoot I will come to your home with my camera and a few props. If we're doing family shots with mom and dad in the pictures and you're comfortable with it, consider wearing something that allows you to bare your shoulders as much as possible - a tube top or spaghetti strap tank for mom or shirtless for dad, for example, to get some skin-on-skin pics . Your hands and feet might be in the picture, so if you need to make them pretty before the session, do so.  Also make sure your home is warm! Like 26 degree celcius warm! I will also be bringing a space heater. Newborns are happiest and sleepiest when it’s nice and warm.

For the baby, think plain, solid colors. Avoid crazy patterns on clothes and blankets. Stay away from stark white, but pastels and light colors are fine. We'll do lots of naked and diaper shots

I have a variety of props that I'll bring with me (including diaper covers, hats, blankets with fun texture, etc.) but anything you have is fantastic too - just make sure to have it handy for our session.



Milestone ages are best - Sitting...walking. Everthing else above applies.



When is the best time for my session?

 What should I wear to my shoot?

Good ideas: Outfits in the same color family (blues, earthtones, etc) or with the same accent color Solids or simple patterns. Fitted clothing (big, baggy shirts can make you look a lot larger than you are) Comfortable clothes you can sit, stand,  nice jeans, paired with a dressy top Accessories like funky necklaces, jackets, hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc. Bringing one very dressy outfit and one very casual outfit. Babies are best naked; I provide various wraps, hats and blankets. Newborn and parent shoots are best kept simple.

Bad ideas: Bright white shirts (ivory or cream photographs much better) Wild patterns or horizontal stripes Shirts with writing on them Sleeveless shirts. Shirts with short hemlines – the bottom edge of the shirt should hit at your hips or lower waist. . This goes for both guys and girls. Short skirts, low necklines, anything even remotely risqué. Exact matching outfits.


Here is a link to my pinterest board showing ideas on what to wear to your photoshoot 

Things you might want to bring with you:  Change of clothes in case one gets dirty or wet or you just want to change things up. Headbands, hats, wraps, toys, blankets;  any props you want to use.  Online store                is a great resource for cute newborn hats and outfits. When ordering these items please make sure you give 4-6 weeks for delivery to make sure you have them in time for the photoshoot.

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